| 106 Puritan Drive | Port Chester, NY | 914-937-6599

Linda Tripp Presents

Everyone has one special thing.

The Innaugural House Party.

Saturday, October 17

Happy New Year, 1980.

Disco. Porno. Cali. Blow.
Dirk. Amber. Roller Girl.
Mark. Burt. Julianne. Don. Heather.

Party    Date:       Saturday,    October    17

914 937 6599 (H)

914 588 1254 [C]

Comprehension Check: This isn't just a Boogie Nights party.

It's Linda Tripp's Boogie Nights Party.

What does this mean for me? It vastly expands the possibilities.

You may

Be/Bring/Assume/Mimick/Exploit/Send-Up/Usurp/Lampoon ANY combination of things and creatures on (or off, for that matter) the A-List (there's always A-List).

Linda Tripp Presents Boogie Nights. A-List.
Backstabbing Bitches. New Red Convertibles. 8-Tracks. Fluffers. RollerGirl. Tape Recorders. The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. Secret Service Agents on All-Girl Cruises to Nowhere. Sally, Dinah, and Loni Comparing Notes. Alfred Molina. Daniel Ellsberg. Firecrackers. Donut Shops. Overzealous Prosecutors. The Colonel. Pool Parties. The Valley. Videotape. Silicone or Saline. William H. Macy's Wife. Jackie Gleason. Ned Beatty. The Pentagon. Body Wires. Deep Throat.

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From NYC/BX/YO/Jersey via GWB

	Take 95/Cross-Bronx East/North to Hutch North
	       - or -
	Take 95/Cross-Bronx East/North to 87/Major Deegan North
	to Cross-County Parkway East to Hutch North

From Hutchinson River Parkway Northbound/Queens/BK/LI/Whitestone/Throgs Neck 

	Take Hutch North to 287 East toward Rye 

From 287 East/Cross-Westchester Expressway/NJ via Tappan Zee Bridge

	287 East to Exit 10
  	  (Exit 10 is first exit after you get on 287 from the Hutch)
	Follow Signs for 120A to Port Chester
	  (You're on Westchester Ave and you'll pass General Foods, 
     	   a big white office complex -800 Westchester- on your Right)
	turn LEFT at Light on North Ridge Street 
	  (at top of hill at the end of General Foods complex)
	go 0.5 miles and turn RIGHT onto Ridge Boulevard 
	go 0.3 miles and continue STRAIGHT onto Indian Road
	go 0.3 miles and turn RIGHT on Puritan Drive
	#106 is 3rd House on Left

From 684 Southbound

	Take 684 to Exit 3 to 22 South
	Follow Signs for LEFT onto 120 South to a 
	LEFT Turn for 120A 
	  (120A is King Street in this area)
	Continue South on King Street 
	  (Past Airport turn, Anderson Hill Rd, & over  
	   and follow Directions from Merritt Parkway Southbound  

From Connecticut via Merritt Parkway Southbound (and optional route from Hutch Northbound)

	Exit at King St and Go South on King St toward Port Chester
	  (Look for Blue Sign on Right "Entering Port Chester" with a 
	  picture of a Tall Ship )
	at 3rd Right after Port Chester Sign turn RIGHT on Indian Road
	at 2nd Left turn LEFT on Puritan Drive
	#106 is 3rd House on Left


From Connecticut via 95 South/Greenwich 

	Take 95 South to Exit 2
	Turn RIGHT on Byram Road and follow to end
	Cross the Northbound half of Putnam Ave/Post Road/Route 1 in 
	front of Gas Station and turn LEFT
	  (This is the circle on the NY/CT border. Don't go around the
	Bear RIGHT immediately and go up the hill on Putnam Ave 
	  (past West Conn beer store and the Liquor Store)
	Go STRAIGHT thru 2 Blinking Lights 
	  (Davy Byrne's on your left), 
	and 1 Traffic Light 
	  (straight across King Street)  
	  (between King Street and the grassy traffic circle, the 
	   road name becomes N. Regent Street for about half a block)
	At the grassy Traffic Circle there is a big Left Arrow sign
	Go RIGHT about halfway around the circle and 
	turn RIGHT onto Putnam Terrace
	First RIGHT is Puritan Drive  
	#106 on the Right


From NYC Via Metro North

	Take New Haven Line from GRAND CENTRAL to PORT CHESTER 
	 (about 45 minutes)
	Train is almost 1 mile from house. 
	  (If it's a big party, Taxi Companies are near station.  
	   If not, call me.)
		R C Taxi 	40 Broad St. 	(914) 934-0000 
		Village Taxi 	8 S Main St. 	(914) 937-4040 
		Ken 		(914) 937-6599  (914) 588-1254
	Or walk, blade, bike.
	Go LEFT North on King Street  
	at Light turn LEFT on North Regent Street
	At the grassy Traffic Circle there is a big Left Arrow sign
	Go RIGHT about halfway around the circle and 
	turn RIGHT onto Putnam Terrace
	First RIGHT is Puritan Drive  
	#106 on the right


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