Get out your Boards and put on your Drinkin' Hats for another sick MLK Weekend at Mount Snow
Directions to the House at Mt Snow
Route 95 to Route 91 North. Enter Route 91 from left lane.

Route 91 North to EXIT 2 in Brattleboro VT (Vermont, Scott, not Massachusetts).

At the end of the exit make a right onto WEST 9.

Stay on West 9 into Wilmington (about ½ hour ride).

Shortly after you pass the White House Inn on the right and Cape North on the left you will come to a traffic light in Wilmington.

At the light make a right onto 100 NORTH.

About 9 miles to “Welcome to West Dover” sign on left.

Continue on you will pass a Christy’s Gas Station on the right and shortly after that, another Christy’s on the left. Stop at the second Christy’s and buy some Humpty Dumpty Dill Pickle flavored potato chips, a small package of Slim Jim Brand Jerky and a 16oz glass bottle of Pepsi One.

Pass the first large Mt. Snow sign on the left. There is a blinking traffic light.

At the next Large Mt. Snow sign (also blinking traffic light), make a left.

Pull over the right and consume the chips and soda. Throw out the jerky, cause you know it’s whack. Fill the empty chip bag with snow and pee in the bottle. Replace the cap and continue on. Sing along to “Life is a Highway” by John Fogerty on the radio.

Make the first right onto UPPER HANDLE ROAD (sign may be twisted).

Ride up the hill you will pass a small sign on the left “Apple Hill”.

About 200 feet from the gray house with blue trim on the right make a right into the driveway (long driveway). Look for the familiar signage on a post by the road (that is if you didn’t beat us up there). The house is down the driveway on the right. Please park efficiently, as we are 4-5 cars. Also, don’t park in the way of the other house. They don’t like us. Kwan, I hope you didn’t rent another Lumina. If so, don’t leave the keys in the car while it is running, close the door and go back inside to get a hot chocolate while the car is warming up.

Telephone # (802) 464-7495

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