The Usual Suspects*

Cordially invite you and a guest to enjoy the New Year

An evening of Epicurean Delights and Tonic Elixirs

December 31, 1999

8 o'clock PM

$100 per person

All premium, all night

Semi-Formal attire required






La Carte

Imported Nova Scotia Salmon,

Veuve Cliquot la Grande Damme pour tout le monde


Coupes de perfection des viandes smoked

Prime cuts of smoked meats

Fromages Fins

Fromages à Pâte Dure

Fresh-baked breads from around the world

(well sort-of)

Directions | Transportation | Accommodations

(links coming soon)


· 1) RSVP NOW at EVITE, by selecting Yes or No and hitting Reply Now. At Evite, you can post a message with your reply (like coordinating rides with others, etc.) and see the Attendees and Invitees Lists, updated continuously.

If you have ANY trouble using Evite, you can also reply (YES or NO) via e-mail or call Doug (212) 758-0530 or Ken (914) 937-6599

· AND 2) Kindly send your check for $100.00 per person to:

Ken Danieli

106 Puritan Drive

Port Chester - Rye, NY 10573-2506


$60 for Non-Drinkers (that's NON-drinkers, not "well, I'll just drink a little.")


Visit this site for updates like: Photos of the End-of-the-Century Piñata to be destroyed at midnight..



Theme rooms including:

The Main Ballroom

The Club Room

Unlimited PHILIP MORRIS Cigarettes* in The Black Lung Smoking Lounge

The Foam Room

(that's just Scott playin' ya)

The Make-Out Room



Virtual DJ-9D to preside over the 1 and 2s …no 3s or 4s will be available, sorry. Plus, we've ripped and downloaded every Madonna Club Remix we could find.




Sponsored by:

Parliament, Ketel One Vodka, Tropicana Grapefruit Juice, Seagram's Tonic Water, Veuve Cliquot, Aquafina, Fris Vodka, Pepsi, Marlboro, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Mott's Clamato, Trojans, Skyy Vodka, Hello Kitty, Tanqueray Gin, Sauza Commemoritivo, Mr & Mrs T's Margarita Mix, Stolichnaya, Roses Lime Juice, Buddha, AstroGlide, Absolut, CK One, The Letter S, and The Number 7.


*Philip Morris has neither underwritten nor supports underage smoking. Smoke responsibly, don't smoke and drive.


We're having this party so we can all be together for the big event. You can't easily travel with a crew this year, and the house rentals were ridiculous months ago. This is a not-for-profit event, so we're all contributing to make it nice and memorable for everyone, and you know with Scott involved, it will be. That's why we're confident that the food will blow away the stuff they had at Gemini last year. We hope you all can make it!

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