Ozzfest 98 Review by Ken
Ozzfest 98
KEN: A couple of Ozzbservations about Ozzfest '98:
We knew it was going to be an experience when the first thing we saw upon arriving at noon was the 2 big Jersey guys, chanting "S-O-U! S-O-U!" (The Garden State's hard rock station) who stormed the K-ROCK van, taunted the driver, and pissed and shat on the enemy van right in front of us. Many prison tattoos. A few really cool tattoos on Japanese guys.

"Wake up the gimp"
I've never been to anything, let alone a 12-hour rock show, where I have witnessed quite so many canes, crutches, and wheelchairs employed by people that were primarily younger than I. Nor have I ever seen so many people passed out on the ground so early in the day (some were actively gagging on the presumably excessive amounts of beer, drugs, and or mosh pit dust they had consumed, but most were angelically out cold) -- a few sporting indescribable disfigurements. Of course, this isn't a bad thing -- it's all part of what rightly makes Ozzfest the top tour of the summer.

Tool remains the best band I've ever seen.

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