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Ken Danieli, Principal
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Danieli Consulting, LLC

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A Diverse Client Base

And even more diverse projects.

Pepsi World

Pepsi-Cola North America

Brand Strategy Development Projects on:
Pepsi One, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mountain Dew Code Red, and Sierra Mist.

Pepsi One

Pepsi One:
Advertising Copywriting

Wild Cherry Pepsi

Wild Cherry Pepsi: Positioning Concept Work for Consumer Research and Advertising Strategy


New Mountain Dew Code Red: Developed Pre-Launch Positioning Concepts for Consumer Research and Advertising Strategy

Sierra Mist

New Sierra Mist:
Positioning and Strategic Work for a new Lemon-Lime Entry that competes with Sprite and 7UP.
Positioning Concepts for Consumer Research and Advertising Strategy.

Launch News.



Global Sports and Entertainment Company.

Internet Strategic Planning:
Business Plan.
Marketing Plan.
Financial Modeling.
Project Management Across Divisions.


The marriage of the Professional Photographer and the Web.

Site Logic, Design, and Architecture.
Business Plan Development.
Pre-Launch VP Marketing.
Concept Development.
Strategic Marketing.

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